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3D Scanning in
Los Angeles, CA

We create accurately digitized assets of your project.

Looking for High-Quality 3D Scanning Services in Los Angeles?

Look no Further.

There You have It 3D is more than just world-class  3d printing services. We're also experts at providing some of the best 3D scanning services

in Los Angeles. 

World class 3d printing services can help you make your custom 3d person
3D scanning can process any shape or detain and turn it into a design like this metal flower

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process that captures the shape, surface detail, and (depending on the format) high-resolution color data of an object, person or environment. That data can then be used to recreate 1:1 duplicates, scale models, digital assets and much more depending on the desired outcome for the scans.

We can export that data as many commonly used file types, including STL and OBJ.

What IS 3D scanning used for?

At There You Have It 3D, we have clients that come to us to scan items for all sorts of reasons. Internally on large fabrication projects, we'll employ our scanners to pull quick referential data about the spacing and alignment of objects and then use that data when designing new connecting parts.

We often scan body parts for reproduction and special effects and actors for  sizing references when movies require specialty costuming like body suits and helmet pieces.

We've scanned family heirlooms for reproduction and historical sites for referential data for restoration and insurance purposes.

3D Scan of Joe Jonas' Hand.JPG


Many artists and collectors have come to TYHI3D with help digitizing their projects for digital display and NFT auctions. We take the time working with clients to ensure our digitized assets match their creative vision for the project and we like to think our repeat happy customers speak for themselves.

Our Process

When you reach out to us for an estimate for your project, we'll typically ask you a few questions about the objects your looking to scan, your desired end-use case, and some basic information about size and accessibility. to the object. It's always recommended to send over as many images of what you want to scan as possible, so we can get a good idea of any obstacles we may run into as part of the process.

Depending on the project, items can be brought to our facility for scan or we can arrange to come to you (for a fee).

The scan process typically takes as little as 5 minutes and up to 2 hours for a single item. Depending on our current workload, scans are typically deliverable within 1 week of data capture. However, this is Hollywood and we are fluent in production timelines. We've worked on many projects where same-day processing allowed us to reproduce complete 3D-printed objects for the very next day. Clients are provided with captures of the scan data for approval prior to delivery and can be exported at several degrees of resolution. 3D Scanning isn't just dedicated to supply you with quality Service, fast turn time at a really reasonable price. Simply search "3D Scanning Los Angeles Near Me" and you'll think that we are on the main page of Google. Much thanks to you for your advantage in 3D Scanning, we anticipate serving you later on !

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