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3D Scanning in
Los Angeles, CA

We create accurately digitized assets of your project.

Looking for High-Quality 3D Scanning Services in Los Angeles?

Look no Further.

There You have It 3D is more than just world-class  3d printing services, we also offer 3d scanning in Los Angeles areas. We provide some of the best 3D scanning services in Los Angeles. 

3D Scanning Los Angeles World class 3d printing services can help you make your custom 3d person with a grill and braids
3D scanning can process any shape or detain and turn it into a design like this metal flower

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process that captures the shape, surface detail, and (depending on the format) high-resolution color data of an object, person or environment. That data can then be used to recreate 1:1 duplicates, scale models, digital assets and much more depending on the desired outcome for the scans.

We can export that data as many commonly used file types, including STL and OBJ.

What IS 3D scanning used for?

At There You Have It 3D, we have clients that come to us to scan items for all sorts of reasons. Internally on large fabrication projects, we'll employ our 3D scanners to pull quick referential data about the spacing and alignment of objects and then use that data when designing new connecting parts.

We often 3D scan body parts for reproduction and special effects and actors for sizing references when movies require specialty costuming like body suits and helmet pieces.

We've scanned family heirlooms for reproduction and historical sites for referential data for restoration and insurance purposes.

3D Scan of Joe Jonas' Hand.JPG


Many artists and collectors have come to TYHI3D with help digitizing their projects for digital display and NFT auctions. We take the time working with clients to ensure our digitized assets match their creative vision for the project and we like to think our repeat happy customers speak for themselves.

Our Process

When you're in need of 3D scanning in Los Angeles, contacting us is your first step to a precise estimate. We'll delve into specifics about the items you wish to scan, understanding their size, accessibility, and your intended application. To ensure a seamless 3D scanning process, it's beneficial to share detailed images of the objects. This gives our Los Angeles 3D scanning experts a clear perspective on potential challenges.

For convenience, you can either bring the items to our Los Angeles facility or, for an additional fee, we can come to your location. Our 3D scanning process is efficient, ranging from a swift 5 minutes to a detailed 2-hour scan for intricate items. With our commitment to timely delivery, expect your scans within a week post-data capture. Being in the heart of Hollywood, we're adept at meeting production demands, having facilitated numerous projects with same-day processing, leading to next-day 3D prints. Before finalizing, clients are presented with scan data captures for approval, available in various resolutions.


Our dedication goes beyond just 3D scanning; we pride ourselves on quality, speed, and affordability. A quick search for "3D Scanning Los Angeles Near Me" will highlight our prominence. Thank you for considering our 3D scanning services in Los Angeles; we look forward to assisting you soon!

  • Looking for High-Quality 3D Scanning Services in Los Angeles?
    There You Have It 3D is here to provide you with the best 3D scanning service in Los Angeles. If you're looking for a high-resolution scan of your design or project, we can get it done.
  • What is 3D Scanning?
    3D scanning is a process that captures the shape, surface detail, and high-resolution color data of an object or environment. The device used to do this is called a 3D scanner. There are two types of scanners: contact and non-contact. With contact scanners, the subject being scanned must be in physical contact with the scanner for it to work properly, while with non-contact scanners, no physical connection between subject and scanner is needed.
  • What is 3D Scanning Used for?
    Because there are so many possible applications, 3D scanning can be used for a variety of purposes. It's widely used in the entertainment industry and architecture because it allows models and buildings to be replicated and built at any desired scale. To create three-dimensional replicas of the human body, the brain, and other parts of anatomy. There are many uses for this type of scanning including medical research, architectural modeling, engineering design work, prosthetic development, animation production, and much more! 3D scanning has also been applied to conserve culturally significant artifacts that cannot be moved from their original location. At There You Have It 3D, we provide high-quality 3D scanning services in Los Angeles at competitive rates. Our team is made up of experienced engineers and designers to ensure that your 3D scanning needs are met.
  • Our Process
    Using our cutting-edge 3d scanning technology and software, we can capture the shape and surface detail of your project in high resolution. We offer several file formats that are easily accessible including STLs (stereolithography), OBJs (organic 3D), PLYs (a simple JSON). Before we conduct the scan, we'll meet with you to understand your project. This way we can create a plan of action and capture the data that is required and necessary. We take the data and process it to ensure that your project is crisp, clear, and accurate. We also provide you with a preview of the 3D file so that you can check for any errors or issues before we deliver it to you.
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