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Who Does 3D Printing Services In Los Angeles?

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Looking for the Best-Rated 3D Printing Service in Los Angeles?

There You Have It 3D uses top-of-the-line 3D printing equipment to deliver high-quality results every time you use our 3d Printing Service.  From a cleared prop or mold master to a museum-quality art print or a functional physical prototype for your next design, we can do it.

Whatever your project requirement, we have the expertise to deliver a great product. Our engineers can handle CAD file design and rapid prototypes of 3D products,

What is 3D Printing and How Does It Work?

3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing, works by printing successive layers of material (plastic or ceramic for example) until the final part is created. 3D printers can print shapes that cannot be formed with traditional methods.

While some firms are already using 3-D printers for prototyping and production parts in single quantities, others are just beginning to see the benefits of on-demand printing.

In traditional manufacturing, a part is designed, and then molds are created from that design for producing parts. The required number of parts are molded and assembled into a final product. At each step in the process, a significant amount of time and money can be lost if changes need to be made to the design.

As a result, most manufacturers have a standard set of molds that can be used for certain items, with extra time and money spent creating new molds as necessary. This process is referred to as 'tooling.' 3D printing, however, can significantly reduce or eliminate tooling costs because each part is printed only after it's ordered.


What are the Advantages of Using 3D Printing?

A great benefit of 3D printing is its low cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing can also reduce a company's carbon footprint by significantly reducing the number of parts that will be sent for production, then returned.

Additionally, 3D printing offers high-detail resolution and high-strength, making them great for functional prototypes and end-use parts in all industries, including aerospace and automotive engineering. If one part is defective, 3D printers allow manufacturers to simply print another one without the need for additional tooling. Additionally, changes can be made to 3D-printed parts without creating new molds.

Since each part is created separately and only after it's ordered, 3D printing can precisely match orders to the required amount of finished parts. This 3D printing ability allows manufacturers to get closer to their ideal production levels while minimizing excess inventory.

3D printing provides rapid turnaround times and high-quality prints. In a nutshell, it's determined by the product specifications, materials used, and intricacy of the component in question. Turnaround time for most projects is determined by your project requirements.

What are the Benefits of Using 3D Printing?

3D printing has three main benefits that can help reduce tooling costs. First, 3D printers produce parts very quickly, so the time needed to create molds is reduced or eliminated. Second, because 3D printers work with digital models of objects, it's easy to make design changes without creating new molds. Finally, 3D printers can produce objects in small quantities at the same cost as producing one object.

These benefits combine to make it possible to get a mold created by additive manufacturing for around 40 percent of the tooling cost, and the price continues to fall as more companies start using 3D printing. For example, when Ford started using 3D printing, it reduced the price of creating prototype molds from $300,000 to just $3,000.

3D Printing Methods

3D printing a part is typically an additive process, which means it adds material to arrive at the final product. There are three main types of 3D printers:

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM printers use a plastic filament to build layers of molten plastics on top of each other. After the bottom layer cools, it becomes the new base for the next layer. This process continues repeatedly until all of the material is used up or another printing method is needed.

Because materials used in FDM are typically inexpensive and low-viscosity compared to other printing materials, FDM printers are ideal for prototyping.

PolyJet Matrix

PolyJet Matrix printers use ultraviolet (UV) light to cure layers of liquid photopolymer resin.

The printer creates a design layer by layer based on coordinates provided by the software programs that are connected to the printer. Then it uses UV light projected onto a build tray. The liquid cures and sticks together immediately, creating a solid build tray for the printer to build on.

Because it uses liquid materials, this type of printer is more versatile and can be used with high-performance plastics and resins.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography printers use a laser to cure liquid plastics. This is also an additive method, but the printing process is built around curing layers of liquid plastic resin with ultraviolet light.

After each layer finishes being cured with ultraviolet light, the printer pulls away from the part that was just created and prepares for the next layer. SLA printers are also capable of working with high-performance plastics.

The Future of 3D Printing

3D printing is increasingly being used for more than just prototyping parts. More companies are now using it to create final products, and many factories have even installed their 3D printers to make things in real-time instead of using traditional manufacturing methods.

Future developments will likely include further improvements in 3D printing speed, versatility, and material capabilities.

There You Have It 3D  is a great resource for anyone interested in the topic of 3D printing in Los Angeles and all of Southern California.


3D Designing

Our expertise in 3D designing is well-suited for companies who are looking for a comprehensive solution. This service includes product design, modeling, and rendering.

3D Printing

We offer special 3D scanning for your products or any item which you wish to reproduce. We have the latest technology available on the market so that we can deliver you excellent results at affordable prices.

3D Scanning

We offer special 3D scanning for your products or any item which you wish to reproduce. We have the latest technology available on the market so that we can deliver you excellent results at affordable prices.

Services Offered

3D Designing

Our expertise in 3D designing is well-suited for companies who are looking for a comprehensive solution. This service includes product design, modeling, and rendering.

Any Custom Fabrication

Our company has the latest technology available to cater to your requirements. For any custom fabrication, our team provides you with the best services at affordable prices.


About There You Have It 3D

There You Have It 3D is committed to providing great customer service and high-quality products. We have an excellent service team that can offer rapid turnaround times and superior quality products to meet your specifications.

We offer both CAD file design services as well as reverse engineering services. Whether you need an existing part replicated or want to create something new altogether, we are the right company for you because our professionals have years of experience in this industry.

We have the expertise to help you with your project management needs, no matter your business. Our team has a broad range of experience in functional prototypes and support material that can be used for great service. With our material properties experts on hand, we can produce parts quickly using injection molding - all at an affordable price. Have any questions or need some advice? Give us a call now! Were dedicated to supplying you with high quality 3d printing services. We offer fast turnaround time on your 3d prints and scans, and at a really reasonable price. If you've never heard of us, simply search "3D Printing Near Me" on Google and you'll find us on the first page. Even Google recommends us :)


What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a process that allows companies to create 3D solid objects out of various materials.

What are the benefits of rapid prototyping?

There are many benefits to utilizing this type of technology, including speed, cost-effectiveness, surface quality, and design flexibility.

What is selective laser sintering?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing 3D printing process that uses a high-power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, ceramic, or glass powders into a mass that has a desired three-dimensional shape.

What is direct metal laser sintering?

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing process that sinters the metal powder with a laser. The build platform is also heated to allow for better results in high-resolution prints, and more accurate parts.

What is multi jet fusion?

Multi jet fusion is a new 3D printing process that builds on the strengths of both fused deposition modeling and selective laser sintering. This machine uses a print-head to jet a thin layer of powder onto a build plate while using an infrared laser to fuse each cross-section. The water-based binder is then removed via a water bath.

What is metal plating?

Metal plating means taking a plastic or rubber model and coating it with metal. The process can be used to make models more durable, decorative, and long-lasting.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a process by which liquid plastic is injected into metal molds. The molds are often cooled so that the material sets into its final form quickly.

This technology allows for mass production of parts that may be difficult or impossible to make with other methods.

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